A rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off aircraft.


Colour of surface and markings:-
All runways pavement markings are to be white in colour. On white concrete pavement the markings are to be outline in black to improve their conspicuity.

Basic Standard Markings:-
Basically there are two types of aerodrome markings, permanent and temporary markings and it will classified either instrument runway or non instrument runway. List of a basic standard marking are as below:-

- Runway center line marking
- Runway side stripe marking
- Threshold marking

Runway Identification Number:-
Marked with double figures indication the magnetic heading of the runway. The Number tu be used is the whole number nearest to one tenth of the magnetic heading of the runway center line, e.g. when this method of numbering would give single digit, it is precede by the figure '0' e.g. runway with a magnetic heading 093 degrees would be marked as runway '09'. When two or more runway ends have numbers which may be orally confusing, the final figure of one number is to be altered to avoid the possibility of confusion. In such cases, the digit at reciprocal end of runway is also amended to maintain 180 degrees difference in bearing between the two ends. Each runway is marked by two numbers in white indicating the magnetic heading of the runway to the nearest 10 degrees. To eliminate ambiguity should a runway heading end in 5 degrees, the runway figure becomes the nearest one above e.g. a runway with a magnetic heading of 265 degrees become runway '27'.
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