Airspace Reservation

Definition. The airspace located above an area on the surface of the land or water, designated and set apart by Executive Order of the President or by a state, commonwealth, or territory, over which the flight of aircraft is prohibited or restricted for the purpose of national defense or for other governmental purposes. These are future types of airspace which are reserved mainly for training purposes and can pose danger to other aircraft if not properly promulgated and regulated. This airspace is not controlled by air traffic control units. However certain regulations are laid down which must be complied with to ensure safety in those areas. These areas are as follows:-

a. Danger Area. An airspace of defined dimension within which activities dangerous to the flight of an aircraft may exist at specified time. Aircraft may operate in Danger Area at their own risks.

b. Restricted Area. Airspace of defined dimension, which the flight of an aircraft is restricted in accordance with certain specified conditions. For instances, prior permission may be required 24 hours before the flight take places or the aircraft may be required to contact an ATC unit before entering the area.

c. Prohibited Area. Airspace of defined dimension within which the flight of an aircraft is forbidden or not allowed at all times. Examples are over a palace, place of worship, army camp etc.
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